Online backup that will keep your customers safe

Fully hosted, fully integrated in Atera, with all the features that are important to you.
All this for $0.20 per GB.

Continuous Recovery

Restore a business’s systems at any time from a standby virtual server that stays continuously up to date.

Data Archiving

Archive data and records for as long as you need them.

File Versioning

Set the minimum number of file versions to retain.

Security-Focused Storage

All data is encrypted and housed in either ISO-certified or SSAE-compliant data centers.

Bare Metal Recovery

Archive data and records for as long as you need them.

Faster Backups and Restores

Optimize your backups and restores and reduce backup windows with True Delta technology.

Hybrid Cloud Recovery

Go beyond standard cloud backup solutions with a hybrid cloud architecture that provides increased speed and redundancy.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

If bare metal recovery’s impossible, you can easily recover to a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Backups

Keep both VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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