Customer Portal

Atera offers you the opportunity to create a branded Customer Portal for your end client.

PSA Software for MSPs

A branded Customer Portal for your client

The Customer Portal is fully synced with your ticketing system and ensures instantaneous communication between clients and technicians. Tickets opened via the Customer Portal are seen immediately on the Atera Portal. The end client can open, view and manage tickets from the Portal while keeping track of all correspondence with respect to tickets. The Customer Portal is a safe space for clients only.

In addition, the Portal also contains a Knowledge Base. This is the place where articles you have created and made public in the Atera Portal will appear. Clients can benefit from important articles and tips and tricks in this Knowledge Base, thereby further enjoying a solid user experience.

Atera’s Software Knowledge Base for MSPs

Knowledge Base

Atera provides you with the option to create and maintain a robust Knowledge Base which centralizes storage of important articles, information and tips and tricks. The Knowledge Base can be divided into two main areas serving two different audiences.

Firstly, you can create an internal Knowledge Base which ensures that your own team of technicians has access to relevant information and possible customer intelligence which can keep them better informed and up to date.

Secondly, you can build a client-facing Knowledge Base with helpful articles and How Tos for your clients. This Knowledge Base will be public facing and can be accessed by your clients through the Customer Portal.

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