Remote Monitoring and Management Software that is Easy & Beautiful. Seriously!

Atera offers complete visibility and control for hundreds of networks from any device with a build in remote monitoring software that allows you to provide instant, first-class IT support to your customers no matter where you are.

Built from the Ground up Remote Management Software

Real Time Monitoring and Alerts

Instant alerts with customization options that enable you to decide what you get alerted to.
Customize your email notifications for failures or alerts.
Get real time status on:

  • System resources
  • Logged in users
  • Network & IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Windows updates
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V & SNMP enabled devices
Real Time Remote Monitoring Management Software
Atera's IT Automation via Remote Monitoring and Management

IT Automation

Atera includes pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks which can be applied to servers and workstations, both per specific device and for whole companies and groups. These are quick and easy to configure:
  • Create System Restore Point
  • Delete Temp Files
  • Delete Internet History
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Defragment (All disks)
  • Run Checkdisk (All disks)
  • Run Full System Scan
  • Check for New Updates

Patch Management

Atera offers a complete platform for automating Patch Management in a simple and quick to implement methodology. Patch Management can be applied on individual devices and groups, including;

  • Run Windows Update: All / Critical / Important / Security.
  • Run Windows Update: Service Pack
  • Install Microsoft Office Updates
  • Install Driver Updates (Hardware)
  • Install Java updates
  • Install Adobe updates
  • Reboot If Needed
Remote Monitoring Management Software with Automating Patch Management
Advanced Maintenance without taking over remote PC’s

Advanced Maintenance without taking over remote PC’s

Advanced Maintenance without taking over remote PCs; Service Manager, Task Manager and Program Manager, uninstall applications, run scripts, install patches and with the Command Prompt access running almost any command is feasible.

“The Atera RMM functions have been crucial in allowing us to respond to and solve customer issues quickly, no matter what the time, or where our technicians might be located. Having no limitations on the number of agents we can install gives us total access and control over all our monitored devices.
This allows us to triage any issue quickly and effectively. From patch management and scripting to threshold alerts and remote desktop control, Atera has us covered.”


Computer Geeks, USA
Remote Access Software with Integrated Splashtop Remote Support

Integrated Splashtop Remote Support

Remote access directly from the Agent or Device views with both the capability to take control of remote servers or workstations and perform maintenance tasks in the background without taking control. A continuous, secure support experience.
  • System resources
  • Logged in users
  • Network & IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Windows updates

Asset and Inventory Tracking

Atera enables the gathering of network and asset information with a click of button and within seconds for any device that has the Atera agent installed.
  • Hardware distribution
  • Software inventory
  • Operating System distribution
  • MS Office distribution
  • Antivirus type, update and license status
  • HDD Usage and alerting on upgrade required
  • Hardware (CPU, Memory) type, size and alert on upgrade required
  • Detailed Server and Workstation configuration and status
Remote Software Asset and Inventory Tracking
Powerful IT Environment Reporting and Analytics

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Measure and track your customer’s networks, assets, health and performance using reports and gaining clear visibility on the IT environments you are maintaining. The Atera Reporting Suite includes a wide range of different reports that help you set data-driven goals and track the right metrics. Some of our top reports include:
  • System Health at a glance
  • Specific customer health
  • Agent health
  • System Inventory Audit
  • Microsoft Licensing

Complete Activity Log

Every action or command that was issued by you or any other user is logged into the main database. Review it any time and have total traceability when it comes to keeping on top of what’s going on with your IT systems.

Complete RMM Agent's Activity Log
Atera's Software All-in-One PSA Solution

Integrated All-in-One PSA System

The Atera’s All-in-One approach simply and in a streamlined approach integrates RMM and PSA into a single platform. For example, a technical Alert can be transformed into a ticket with a click of a button, the work on the ticket is registered (both billable or/and non-billable), reports are generated and billing executed, All-in-One.

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